Feats of Strength and Bandita Booty

1BanditBootyAND the answer is…. Which so many of you correctly guessed…

I can rip a phone book in half.

Yes.  It’s true.  I learned while I worked for Proctor and Gamble at their Winton Hill campus in Cincinnati back in the 70s.  I was young, single, slim with long blonde hair.  P&G was on a movement to put women in traditionally male positions, so they put me on the shipping/receiving dock in the Administrative building.  Not much freight moves in and out of an Administrative building – just magazines for the library (which I confisicated sometimes before adding to the mail cart.  Advertising Age was my favorite.) and pastries sent to the other buildings (the dock was right next to the kitchen.  Every morning I’d find a fresh pastry on my desk.  That job had perks!)  And every year, we’d get a shipment of new telephone books which we’d trade out for the old telephone books.

One of the maintenance guys taught me how to rip a phone book in half and I had lots of practice material on hand.  We set up a scene for the guy that drove the laundry truck (we had test labs for laundry – you bring in your dirty laundry and P&G  would wash it with their test detergents).  When his truck backed up, I’d boss the guys around.  He hopped onto the dock.  “Don’t let her tell you what to do!” he protested.  Bob, the shy guy, said, “Oh, we don’t mess with Donna.”  On cue, I’d pick up a telephone book and rip that baby in half.  The laundry guy’s mouth dropped open.  LOL.

The folks at the book con are requesting a how to be posted to You Tube.  So watch for that.  First, I have to find a phone book!

Meanwhile, the winner of this month’s post is DEBORAH MEREDITH!Gina Conkle

Deb – can you send your contact info to me at DMacWeb@wowway.com and I’ll get that right out.




Rust City Book Con

RCBCLast weekend I had a great time at the Rust City Book Con in Troy, Michigan which is a suburb of Detroit. The con was put together by the very enthusiastic and energetic blogger, Jackie of Literary Escapism.

While this was the first year for the event, I’m sure it will grow.  However, as first year events go, this was a very intimate and enjoyable conference.  I met a number of new writers that I’ve put on my “must read” list.  But let me take you through it.

I shared a room and a ride with Lita Lawson, a new voice in contemporary romance.  We arrived on Thursday night so as to be ready for the author panels that started first thing on Friday.  I spoke on three panels on Friday and participated in the Historical meet andRue and me greet, a great time to play games with the authors.  Here’s a pic of Rue Allyn and I in our historical get-up.  The other historical authors were Linda Bradle, Gina Conkle, Cindy Spencer Pape, Marie Piper and Mervyn Seivwright. By the end of the day, I was exhausted.

On Saturday, I did one panel, Death is Easy, Comedy is Hard, and met Sara Dobie Bauer, who was hilarious. While I’m not into Vampire books, I’m definitely checking out her saraBITE SOMEONE.  It’s bound to be a hoot.  That’s her on the left wearing my hat.  Not sure why there’s a purple light above her head.  I think it might be some cosmic force ”</p

FIreworks and new releases, it must be July!

Hi all –

Just wanted to make a few announcements –

Trish bannerJuly 1st, Trish is starting the day with a bang!  She’s hosting a Facebook launch party to celebrate A RANCHER TO LOVE and to let everyone know that Harlequin is changing the name of her line of from Harlequin American Romance to Harlequin Western Romance.  Be sure to check it out.  She’s got a line-up of authors giving some great giveaways.  A wonderful way to celebrate July!   https://www.facebook.com/events/1016375275111149/

Untitled-3Here’s another super July event.  More than 50 authors will be participating in a July 4th historical romance sweepstakes.  I’ll be one of them.July 4th giveaway  The sweepstakes runs through July 11th.  But you can’t enter till Monday, the 4th.  Hope you’re one of the winners!  Can you see The Whisky Laird’s Bed in the lower center?  Here’s the link to the contest but it won’t be active till July 4th.  bit.ly/july-4th-historical

Speaking of The Whisky Laird’s Bed, just a reminder that my publisher has put that book on sale for .99 till July 17th.  Don’t forget to give it a try at this fantastic price.

July 19th brings a new release.  IN A HEARTBEAT will be available for purchase. Here’s the blurb:

Transplanted hearts can hold memories. They can give voice to the dead. And they can hold the key to identifying a serial killer.

Assigned to do an audit for an old client may finally give Certified Public Accountant Angela Blake what she really wants: independence from a family that’s been overprotective for far too long. Her recent heart transplant has given her a new lease on life and she’s ready to live. The demanding new CEO of Hayden Industries may be InaHeartbeatdistractingly sexy, but Angela’s audit reveals troubling hints of deception. What is he hiding?

Hank Renard never wanted to be CEO of Hayden Industries, but his parents’ impending financial ruin gave him no choice. If he doesn’t reverse the flow of red ink, he’ll lose the lucrative incentives offered. The clumsy, adorable auditor with the face of an angel only adds to his problems.

A series of troubling accidents point to a dangerous truth: someone wants Angela Blake dead. With her job, her heart and her life in peril, will Angela survive to discover a long-awaited love, or will her new life end before it’s barely begun?


 Preorder here. 


For those in the Akron area, I’ll be at the Ohio Expo.  Hope to see you there!

Hope everyone has a fantastic July!!!





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